Bright Project

BRIGHT_D1.2_ENG – Data Management Plan – first version

BRIGHT_D2.1_SONCE – User group needs, req. & advanced DR engagement scenarios

BRIGHT_D2.2_CEL – Privacy, Ethics and Legal Requirements

BRIGHT_D2.3_ENG – DR Technologies and Tools

BRIGHT_D2.4_COM – Cross-domain Data & Service Interoperability

BRIGHT_D3.1_TNO – Overview of barriers and drivers for consumer engagement in demand response

BRIGHT_D4.1_COMScalable Privacy Preserving Data Collection

BRIGHT_D4.3_TNO – Flexible assets DT models – first version

BRIGHT_D4.4_IMEC – DTs’ model for customer’s categorization – first version

BRIGHT_D4.5_IMEC – Electrical and thermal communities DTs’ models – first version

BRIGHT_D6.1_ENG – DLT/Smart contracts Data Governance for digital fingerprinting of energy data – first version

BRIGHT_D8.1_ASM – Project Website

BRIGHT_D8.2_APC – Dissemination and Communication Plan

BRIGHT_D9.1_ENG – Report on collaboration with other projects – first version