Bright Project

Energy communities aggregation for optimal Flexibility Management

The city of Terni (Umbria Region), characterised by a high penetration of renewable energy resources and a long experience in Smart Grid innovation, hosts the Italian pilot. It is comprised of three different sub-pilots: i) a multi-apartments residential building equipped with IoT smart meters for a “flexibility assets retrofitting”, ii) the ASM’s headquarters district which includes decentralized RES generation, a Li-Ion battery storage, and controllable loads and III) a citizens energy community, which includes consumers, public schools equipped with Photo Voltaic (PV) local generation, household residential consumers with PV arrays, and smart home individual households consumer with local generation, storage and adding on EV renting and driving integration. 

In BRIGHT, the objective of the Italian pilot is to demonstrate decentralized and semi-decentralized VPPs for geographically bounded communities in which the available local flexibility is combined and optimal managed to be delivered to wholesale and/or local congestion management market.