Bright Project

Smart Grid Management Using Blockchain: Future Scenarios and Challenges

A Lockable ERC20 Token for Peer to Peer Energy Trading              

Deep Learning for Forecasting the Energy Consumption in Public Buildings

Forecasting the Short-Term Energy Consumption Using Random Forests and Gradient Boosting

Distributed Ledger Technology Review and Decentralized Applications Development Guidelines

Blockchain-Based Decentralized Virtual Power Plants of Small Prosumers

Key Factors Which Contribute to the Participation of Consumers in Demand Response Programs and Enable the Proliferation of Renewable Energy Sources

Virtual Power Plant Optimization in Smart Grids: A Narrative Review

Hybrid Deep Neural Network Model for Multi-Step Energy Prediction of Prosumers

Physics informed neural networks for control oriented thermal modeling of buildings

“Decentralized Demand Response in Energy Communities Using Blockchain”       

“Blockchain-Based Distributed Federated Learning in Smart Grid”   

“Review of bion-inspired optimization applications in renewable-powered smart grids: Emerging population-based metaheuristics”