Bright Project

In BRIGHT communities can take complete control of their local energy systems and capture all the benefits of different integration options. To do that, it is mandatory to identify and better categorize energy consumers, by leveraging several criteria beyond just economic ones, and to understand how the customized combination of economic factors with other ones, such as the

environment and the sense of belongings, can be used in the design of multi-sided energy-driven services. This innovative vision will be reached through the deployment of new tools for consumers empowering, smart grid stakeholders, ESCOs and DR operators, by creation of a BRIGHT social, technological and business ecosystem, a dynamic and collaborative environment based on three pillars: S-BRIGHT, T-BRIGHT and B-BRIGHT.



S-BRIGHT (Social-BRIGHT) is a social science framework for soft modelling of end user behaviour as beyond-financial “social animal”especially when considered as a member of a community-centric organizational configuration. S-BRIGHT combines insights from social sciences and behavioural economics16 to understand the electricity consumer social beyond economical motivations for participating to DR programs (user experience design) and for appropriate incentive design (e.g. environmental, risk aversion, sense of community belongings, etc.). Main aim of this component is to determine which DR services better fits with a given category of end user within a given community with a view to reinforce and sustain continuous consumer engagement (understanding the consumer of energy behaviour individually and at community level). Also, it supports the BRIGHT co-creation approach which systematically combines and integrates social science-driven user studies for user experience design, consumer motivation understanding and continuous engagement methodologies through appropriate incentive design with technology enablers for data-driven end user and flexibility assets modelling and business dimension for new service design.



T-BRIGHT (BRIGHT Technological Enablers) leverages latest advancements on IoT17AI18, Blockchain and Big Data19 technologies to build digital twins (DT) for individual consumers and for communities aimed to improve consumer behaviour predictability and to support the implementation of novel community-oriented services for increased flexibility mobilization. T-BRIGHT includes the following technological tools:

B-DT (BRIGHT Digital Twins) for Customers and Community and Big Data enabled accurate prediction.
B-EMHC (BRIGHT Edge Monitoring and Home Automation) an edgegrid20 stack for electricity metering infrastructure and smart home automated control,
B-FLEX (BRIGHT AI Driven Flexibility Valorisation) will consider the DT models and prediction outcomes to deliver optimal flexibility services at the level of end-user, community and system.
B-DLT (BRIGHT Distributed Ledger Technology) blockchain and smart contract technology enabler which leverages on the latest advancements from H2020 eDREAM, H2020 COORDINET and H2020 SOFIE to enable a decentralized P2P virtual power plant (BRIGHT DVPP), which is a self-organized VPP and thus without the need for a central operator, where P2P information sharing, and broadcasting is allowed in a decentralized way.
P2P Trading/sharing models and underlying P2P DLT21 platforms, when hybridized with traditional VPP have the potential to bring clear benefits with respect to overcome human barrier by mobilizing a larger number of energy consumer via collective community-based cooperation models with a view to exploit larger net share of their available flexibility, while enabling community-level optimized flexibility aggregation.



B-BRIGHT, the BRIGHT Business Ecosystem, allows to hybridize DR/flexibility provisioning with multi-commodity energy services, energy efficiency services, e-mobility management and personal care services. It features integrated service offering win-win reciprocal synergies and reinforcing business opportunities for both DR operators and energy-efficiency/ESCOs/mobility managers/personal care/security operators; in particular B-BRIGHT opens up additional opportunities for aggregators to design and deploy multi-value chain stacking services22 allowing individual consumers (or organized groups of consumers) to get additional revenues from flexibility provisioning stacking (e.g., stacking the value of flexibility on different energy services such as combining ancillary services with self-consumption) or cost savings for their individual wellness/AAL23/energy efficiency/personal safety needs.