Bright Project

Local Energy Cooperative multi-market centralized aggregation for value stacking flexibility services

De Nieuwe Dokken (Ghent, Belgium) is a site that will feature, once completed, not only 400 housing units, an administrative building, a sports facility and a kindergarten, but also a considerable amount of renewable energy and circular technology infrastructure, operated by DuCoop ESCO. 

DuCoop and its partners are currently realizing new smart services for end-users (real-time visualization of energy consumption, billing, smart home services, etc.), increasing energy awareness and involving citizens in their energy community. 

With the collaboration of the inhabitants, the objective of this pilot is to execute a consumer characterisation that allows estimating the potential inclusion of the site’s dwellings in a virtual power plant system. 

Both the response to financial and non-financial incentives will be investigated by means of social incentive design and the representation of end users in a ‘digital twin’ simulation.