The ambition of BRIGHT is to realize a multi-timescale DR1 strategy that works from a day-ahead scheduling up to real-time adaptive control and allows individual assets to simultaneously provide power balancing service, grid congestion management, and economic benefits to participating stakeholders. A novel community-centred social, technological and business ecosystem is envisioned; it comprises

i) social science user experience design for end user behaviour understanding and community-level beyond economic incentive;
ii) consumer and community digital twins2 by integrating data-driven consumer preferences and behaviour modelling with flexibility assets modelling to enable centralized virtual power plants (VPP)3 governance;
iii) distributed ledger4 /blockchain5 /smart contracts6 technology enablers aimed to implement peer-to-peer (P2P)7 trading/sharing mechanisms for supporting decentralized P2P VPP where self-organizing prosumers8 may exchange reciprocally information and spontaneously aggregate within dynamic coalitions, while taking explicit control of their flexibility assets, hence better trading off their preferences against grid stakeholders’ requirements;
iv) cross-domain value stacking9 service design and innovative business modelling at the interplay among different energy carriers, different energy stakeholders, different domains.