Bright Project

Two Horizon 2020 funded projects, BRIGHT and MATRYCS, focus on energy efficiency and create innovative solutions that leverage advanced technologies. Their mutual objective is to promote sustainable energy practices, improve grid flexibility, and optimize building energy consumption. Let’s introduce shared tools and objectives.

Both projects embrace technological advancements. BRIGHT uses blockchain-based flexibility marketplace, MATRYCS uses advances machine-learning. Also, both projects share various stakeholders in the energy sector. BRIGHT project is designed to engage energy communities, prosumers, consumer associations, local distributors and aggregatory. Similarly, MATRYCS project focuses on various stakeholders, some MATRYCS output services are focused on prosumers and energy communities too. Last but not least, both projects are based on data-driven insights. BRIGHT aims to understand energy consumer behavior through a social engagement framework, while MATRYCS offers services like energy prediction, KPI calculation, digital twin modeling (also present in the BRIGHT project) and others based on data analytics to optimize building performance and energy use.

The BRIGHT and MATRYCS projects represent significant steps for sustainability and energy efficiency. By combining state-of-the-art technologies and data-driven approaches, they offer innovative solutions to promote clean energy practices, empower energy communities, and optimize energy consumption in buildings. These initiatives could be inspiring examples of collaboration among technology, research, and community engagement. Both projects will have real-life large scale pilots. BRIGHT has pilots in different regions in different communities, MATRYCS demonstrates its services in 11 large scale pilots across Europe.

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