Bright Project

As part of the European Green Deal, in September 2020 the European Commission announced its intention to achieve three key objectives by 2030: a reduction of at least 40% of greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990 levels), a share of at least 32% renewable energy and an improvement of at least 32.5% in energy efficiency. These objectives are behaving the transition to an electric mobility powered by renewable energy, paving the way for an arduous challenge: to increase the amount of electricity needed and satisfy it with more and more intermittent and distributed renewable energy plants. This was the topic of the presentation, titled “The role of electric mobility in the transition to green energy”, performed by Emotion on November 15th during the International Webinar on Smart Grid and Green Energy Systems organized by Coalesce Research Group. BRIGHT project and its main objectives were presented in the presentation, whose video you can find at the following link: